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Glenn Olson, founder of safetyNETkids, has been a safety instructor for more than 25 years. In that time, Glenn has taught thousands of children exact responses to the real threats of abduction, abuse and bullying. Using a non-threatening and child friendly teaching method, Glenn is able to deliver memorable life lessons without ever instilling fear.

About safetyNETkids

safetyNETkids is dedicated to helping protect our youth and provide parents, teachers, day cares, law enforcement, martial artists, advocacy groups and others, the necessary tools to effectively educate children. These tools include kid-friendly videos and proven teaching curriculum. The Safety Program and Bully Program videos are the only child safety video series endorsed by Code Amber and focus on General Child Safety and the growing epidemic of Bullying. In addition to addressing Child Safety and Bullying, our comprehensive curriculum package includes a Confidence Program and Internet Safety Program.


“It is important not to confuse children with the concept of “strangers.” They do not have the same understanding of who a stranger is as an adult might. The “stranger-danger” message is not effective, as danger to children is often much greater from someone they or you know.
- National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

The subjects of abuse, abduction and bullying are tough to teach in a positive and effective way. This program goes well beyond the “Stranger Danger” idea to provide children with exact responses to real threats.  This is done by actively engaging children in the lessons so they retain the information.  The safetyNETkids programs focus on building confidence and never instilling fear.  The safetyNETkids system provides instructors (teachers, parents, law enforcement, day cares, advocacy groups, martial artists, councilors) with a teaching curriculum that is reinforced by the kid-approved safetyNETkids video series. Combined, the curriculum and video series is very effective; however, the videos are produced in a way that makes them very informative with or without the curriculum.  Kids ask to watch them again and again.


Our mission is prevention of child abuse, abductions and bullying through education and confidence building. We want to make children No Easy Target.

Our goal is to build confidence and teach memorable responses so children know what to do if they are touched inappropriately, someone attempts to abduct them, if they are mentally or physically abused by adults or bullied by their peers.

Visit our YouTube Channel to see excerpts from our video lessons.