School Systems

It is our goal at safetyNETkids to encourage school systems to be pro-active in teaching child safety and bullying prevention systematically in schools. Often some schools offer good touch – bad touch programs and may have a police officer come in from time to time and teach about strangers and safety. The safetyNETkids curriculum systematically teaches child safety and bullying prevention in 6 different areas. (See our curriculum package) Children should receive this 45-60 class twice a year and is best taught in an area such as a gym to allow for room to practice the different activities. It is the goal of safetyNETkids to raise the awareness level in children, teaching children exact responses to real threats. safetyNETkids will do this in a fun, positive atmosphere. We encourage you to check out our endorsement page. This is a school counselor speaking about our Bully Prevention Program:

The Bullying program is exceptional. It is a perfect fit for our students. At this age, children are becoming so social and need desperately to develop the interpersonal skills taught in the program. The students were excited and engaged throughout the program. I believe that our students walked away with a better understanding of themselves and others.  I would highly recommend both programs to both educators and parents. As educators and parents, we have the responsibility to ensure that children are well equipped to handle potential threats. safetyNETkids will provide children with the knowledge and skills they need to be safe.”
Susan Chambers
School Counselor, M.A.

Services Offered

  • Public Speaking – Glenn Olson, founder of safetyNETkids is available to speak on child safety and bullying to school boards and assemblies.
  • Training – safetyNETkids is available to train teachers in the use of the safetyNETkids curriculum.
  • Many schools may have a local safetyNETkids instructor in their area. Check our instructor list to find the nearest one. These instructors come from different professions, many are martial artists, child safety advocates, and law enforcement. They are usually very happy to come in as guest speakers and facilitate training.
  • Curriculum and support – safetyNETkids offers a complete curriculum and support materials to successfully implement the safetyNETkids program. See our curriculum page for more information.

For more information on these services, please fill out our contact us form.

  • This year there will be approximately 58,000 non-family abductions (NCMEC), half of those involving sexual abuse.
  • One out of every five girls and one out of every ten boys will be sexually abused before the age of eighteen.
  • According to the American Justice Department, 282,000 children will be physically bullied in secondary schools this month.
  • Surveys show that 77% of our children are bullied either mentally, verbally or physically.

Without question the need is there and schools are the best place for children to receive this necessary information. The safetyNETkids program is child friendly, systematic, and fun for children. By implementing the Safety Net Kids curriculum, you are making children “NO EASY TARGETS” for abuse and bullying.