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The safetyNETkids Program is an effective outreach program for your agency. It systematically covers 6 areas of child safety and bullying prevention. The safetyNETkids program along with services such as ID cards and fingerprinting, which most departments already have in place, can provide a complete service to your community.

safetyNETkids is endorsed by Code Amber and has been working together since the fall of 2003. Code Amber, as I am sure you know is responsible for the distribution of Amber Alert information over the internet in some 300,000 websites and desktops. safetyNETkids, Code Amber, Law Enforcement, are the perfect team working together to not only help in the recovery of abducted children but to prevent it in the first place.

Here’s a San Bernardino County Medical Officer explaining the impact this has on the children:

“I can’t begin to tell you the acceptance I get from your programs. Usually in a period of 20 minutes you lose an audience of children, but both programs seem to keep the kids attention and they actually retain the material. I used the safetyNETkids - No Easy targets program last year with great success. Now that school has started this year I’m beginning the year with the Bully program.”

The safetyNETkids - No Easy Targets program has brought out some very good questions and comments from the students I’ve presented it too. Most other programs are just a way for students to spend time rather than study in class. I was alerted to a few students that had problems at home or at a relatives homes that, without this program, may not have been recognized. Teachers were just as impressed with the No Easy Targets presentation.

As the presenter, I feel very comfortable with this material. Other programs usually leave allot to be desired. With No Easy Targets, the presentation flows easy from start to finish. But like I mentioned earlier, the kids retain the material which I believe is the biggest benefit. I have kids from last year come up to me and recite parts of the program to me.

If I had to describe the No Easy Targets and Bullies program it would be, “It works”. On behalf of the parents, teachers and chlidren of my community, we thank you.”

Armando Armijo
Medical Officer/Instructor
San Bernardino County Sheriffs’ Department
Search and Rescue

The safetyNETkids Program is easy to use. The curriculum works together with the safetyNETkids video. Children watch a portion of the program and that lesson is reinforced with a confidence building activity. The video leads the instructor into the corresponding activity. Children love coming back to the program. Also, being a safetyNETkids instructor entitles your department to purchase the safetyNETkids videos at the wholesale rate.

Our curriculum package is complete to make teaching this program extremely easy. Please look over the curriculum package and order today. View Curriculum Package