Day Care and Pre-schools

Day cares and pre-schools benefit by being pro-active in teaching the safetyNETkids program. Imagine presenting your program to a prospective customer and explaining that your curriculum includes the safetyNETkids – No Easy Targets program. When you present this program, you are immediately saying you care about the children’s welfare, safety and character.

Pre-school age is the time to teach children how to set boundaries. The safetyNETkids program is child-friendly and never instills fear. The program includes age-specific tips for the teacher and is easily adapted to pre-schoolers.

In today’s world, children need this type of information on a regular basis. The safetyNETkids program systematically covers child safety and bullying prevention. The Safety Program and Bully Program videos reinforce the what is taught in the curriculum. Children will ask to watch the videos again and again.

The safetyNETkids program can bring the community into your center by hosting a safetyNETkids Safety Day. The curriculum includes a safetyNETkids Safety Day marketing plan showing you the step by step process.

As a safetyNETkids instructor, you may purchase safetyNETkids DVD’s at a wholesale rate. This will allow you to sell or use the DVD as a giveaway to your customers.

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