Churches and Ministries

Who better to look out for our children and families than our local churches? Now our exciting Child Safety and Bullying curriculum is available to churches. The safetyNETkids – No Easy Targets program is suitable for children ages 4-11 and comes with age specific tips so your teachers will know what to emphasize with each age group. Children will want to watch the safetyNETkids videos again and again and will enjoy the confidence building activities.

According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), One in every five girls and one in every 10 boys will be sexually abused before the age of eighteen and this year there will be an estimated 58,000 non-family abductions alone. Pick up a paper or turn on the news and you are bound to find another sad abduction or abuse story. There is no question the need exists.

The vast majority of children do not receive safety training as part of school curriculum and parents are concerned but lack the tools to address these sensitive subjects in an effective and memorable manner.  The safetyNETkids program provides children with exact responses to real threats while building confidence without ever instilling fear. The program is easy to use and is a wonderful outreach to your community.

The safetyNETkids  marketing plan includes a thorough step by step process on hosting a community “safetyNETkids Day” endorsed by Code Amber. This event will involve your church and law enforcement teaching the safetyNETkids  curriculum and fingerprinting the children.

The safetyNETkids  curriculum is easy to teach and children love the program. Don’t hesitate to order the program today! View Curriculum Packages