SNK Users

Martial Artists

What could be more important than teaching a child exact responses to an unwanted touch or a luring attempt? Can you imagine what a child must feel like going to school everyday knowing they are going to be bullied? I truly believe that martial artists are uniquely qualified to teach this exciting, interactive program.  read more

School Systems

It is our goal at safetyNETkids to encourage school systems to be pro-active in teaching child safety and bullying prevention systematically in schools. Often some schools offer good touch – bad touch programs and may have a police officer come in from time to time and teach about strangers and safety.  read more

Day Care and Pre-Schools

Pre-school age is the time to teach children how to set boundaries. The safetyNETkids program is child friendly. The program includes age specific tips for the teacher and is easily adapted to pre-schoolers.  read more

Child Abuse and Advocacy Centers

The safetyNETkids program is a new, updated, and exciting way to teach child safety. Children love the safetyNETkids DVD and the interactive, confidence building activities in the safetyNETkids curriculum. This program provides exact responses to the real threats of abuse, abduction and bullying while building confidence.  read more

Law Enforcement

The safetyNETkids Program is an effective outreach program for your agency. The safetyNETkids program along with services such as ID cards and fingerprinting, which most departments already have in place, can provide a complete service to your community.  read more

Churches and Children’s Ministries

Who better to look out for our children and families than our local churches? Now our exciting Child Safety and Bullying curriculum is available to churches. The safetyNETkids – No Easy Targets program is suitable for children ages 4-11 and comes with age specific tips so your teachers will know what to emphasize with each age group. Children will want to watch the safetyNETkids DVD’s over and over and will enjoy the confidence building activities.  read more